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Keeping Fit on The Go

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Hey, I’m back! I’ve moved, I’ve been on holiday and I’ve finally found a fitness routine that is perfect for me and I cannot wait to share it with you! I know what you might all be thinking “if she couldn’t wait then why has she taken 8 months to post something!” and for that, I have no great excuse. I moved and I really found myself lacking the motivation to work out. That was until a friend of mine told me about a great little app called ClassPass.

It’s this fantastic fitness app which gives you access to pretty much 99.9% of the best fitness classes and gyms around you and what’s even better about it? You can use it on the go! Going on holiday but want to stay on top of those killer abs? Load your app and look for a class. Bored of your usual pilates class and want to try reformer? Load the app and look for a class. Went to work, got stressed and now need to calm down with a bit of yoga or punch it out at a boxing class? LOAD. THE. APP.

They have 3 different plans you can use:
Go – £35 a month for 3 classes
Base – £55 a month for 5 classes
Core – £105 a month for 10 classes
If you’re not used to London prices then these may look daunting but for the quality, quantity and variety of classes and studios you can attend, it’s worth it. In my local area, x10 classes at one studio would cost me £200+ so its a no brainer for me – and I am not restricted to one place. Also, you’re not limited to classes, you get gym time too!

Seriously, it’s so great that I will tell you guys some of my favourite classes:

Bootcamp Pilates:
This is reformer like you’ve never seen it before: it’s dynamic, it’s tough and you are guaranteed to sweat. But if you want toned arms and abs like Iza Goulart within a week then check out these guys. They have modern and fully-equipped studios in Notting Hill, Shoreditch, The Strand, Fulham, Windsor and Richmond. So you have no excuse not to head on over.

This is hard and insanely popular: you had better be ready to reserve your spot when that class goes live! These spaces go like wildfire! But that’s a good thing because it proves just how good the classes are, especially if you want a long, lean ballet dancer’s body. You can find them in Chelsea, Chiswick, Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair, Moorgate and Wimbledon.

Transition Zone:
My favourites are Kesha’s 25-minute high-intensity Power Plates class and their HiPer Zone classes are amazing! The studio is almost like a converted warehouse but it works perfectly with their raw hardcore workouts and if you’re lucky they sometimes have a company there to supply you with delicious healthy food after the class, FOR FREE! You can find them in Parsons Green.

Ten Health and Fitness:
They do Yoga, Barre, Reformer Pilates, TRX, Hiit Training and Jumpboard. My favourites are the Reformer Pilates and jumpboard classes. Reformer challenges, strengthens and tones your whole body whilst jumpboard is typically all leg and glute work and you will definitely leave with jelly legs. The jumpboard is a board attached to the end of your reformer. You can find them in Chiswick, The City, Hatton Garden, Mayfair, Notting Hill and St James.

Vida Pilates:
Jenny, who runs these classes, is the funniest, chattiest and friendliest teacher I have ever come across. She remembers everyone’s name and teaches her pilates class in a way where she ensures you are 100% correct in every movement you do. I have found that although I don’t feel much of a change after these classes I do notice how it enhances my posture for other classes and when stood up or sat down at a desk. You’ll find Vida Pilates in Fulham/Putney.

These are just a few of my favourites but you’ll also find classics on ClassPass like Core Collective, David Lloyd, Lomax, Paola’s BodyBarre and so many others! ClassPass are all over the globe so definitely check them out if you’re up for a fitness switch-up. You can download the app for free or also check them out online at www.classpass.com.

Let me know if you use or have used ClassPass too!
I hope you have all now forgiven me for my extended break!

G x

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